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Titanic T40 Flash File Sp7731 Pac 5.1 Dead & Lcd Fix


Titanic T40 Firmware SP7731 Pac 5.1 Stock Firmware Rom
Titanic T40 Flash File SP7731 Pac 5.1 New Update Firmware

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Model Name : sp7731geahdrplusoversea
Model Brand : Titanic
Model Device: T-40
AndrVersion : 5.1
BaseBand CPU: SP7731GEA_HDR
Project Ver : TITANIC_T-40_V03_20160528
Model Ext : T-40

[Read Mode] : HSUSB : 0x3000

[FW_READER] : Reading Firmware Now …

[Read Ok] : u-boot-spl-16k.bin
[Read Ok] : u-boot.bin
[Read Ok] : prodnv.img
[Read Ok] : sc7731g_CP0_modem.bin
[Read Ok] : DSP_DM_Gx.bin
[Read Ok] : nvitem_w.bin
[Read Ok] : sc8830g_modem_CP2_WCN_14D_W15.28.4_Release.bin
[Read Ok] : nvitem_wcn.bin
[Read Ok] : logo_480x854.bin
[Read Ok] : fblogo_480x854.bin
[Read Ok] : boot.img
[Read Ok] : system.img
[Build Ok] : cache.img
[Read Ok] : recovery.img
[Build Ok] : userdata.img

AndroidInfo created
Firmware Size : 1338 MiB
Saved to : C:\Users\mdkalam\SP7731GEA_HDR_T-40_5.1_TITANIC_T-40_V03_20160528_T-40\

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